100 Catalysts



With many of us having frequently suffered from a creative block, Justine Chow’s 100 Catalysts is a portable, fun, compatible book filled with strategies aimed at creatives to solve the common dilemma, and to train their creative muscles.

The mini-sized book (6cm x 9cm) contains 100 + strategies gathered from personal anecdotes and advice from industry leaders spanning from various creative backgrounds and industries.

The book is categorised into sections, designed to be flipped at random and as the user wishes and feels that day. The sections are colour-coded into categories, as seen on the side of the book.

The accompanying notebooks are specially designed to facilitate the reader to utilise what they’ve learned through creative exercises. Special papers such as the Pellegrino silver pages and different gridded papers allow the user to generate drawings with different results.

Simple, beautiful, colourful and informative, Justine’s 100 Catalysts would sit gladly on our bookshelves as a delightful mini-archive of thoughts which could break us from our creative slumps.


You can see more of Justine’s work via her website jayisforlola.com, or follow her @jayisforlola_studio.