All Tangled Up

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Originally set up as a physical gallery installation, All Tangled Up has been adapted as a 360 degree video for online viewing. Spreading three points in narrative time across three screens allows them to exist simultaneously for the viewer and for these different points in the story to react to one another. This structure attempts to disrupt and undermine linear approaches to storytelling (where event A triggers event B, and so on) without resorting to the non-linear fragmentation (much like Pulp Fiction).

“I try to fully embrace the gap between the worlds I imagine and what I am practically capable of producing. As a result, my films are heavily stylised, slightly wonky solutions to the demands of far-fetched narratives. I am a big fan of unrealistic special effects which remind the viewer of the artificial and constructed nature of film whilst simultaneously asking them to suspend their disbelief. This kind of tension adds to the frantic, hermetic feel of my films and directly informs the themes of the stories themselves”.

At first disturbed by Iain McCall’s work, we quickly found ourselves immersed and fully present in the surreal yet relatable world. Undeniably unique with an incredibly strong visual characteristic (and in addition to the fantastic set/prop/costume designs), Iain’s attention to detail and ability to convey his ideas are phenomenal.

To see more of Iain’s work, head to his website or follow him @lil_goth.