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Conscious of the impact a product has throughout its life cycle, Sarah McHutchison looks at her process holistically, from material provenance to production, performance, recycling and disposal.

“I’m determined to explore new and exciting materials and processes within my work, considering the most ethical outcome.

With my history of working in a Scottish woollen mill, I have grown a strong connection with the textile industry. From this experience it has been brought to my attention that very little of society understands or acknowledges the processes involved in the manufacturing of our clothing and the materials concerned. This experience has provided me with the idea to inform our society of the issues that surround the clothing industry.  

Currently placed as one of the top three polluting industries in the world along with oil and agriculture, it has some of the harshest and poorest working conditions for vulnerable communities within developing countries. These factors enable manufacturers to produce fast, cheap clothing thus directly causing a dramatic rise in clothing sales. Awear generates awareness and directs attention within our society of the critical issues surrounding the clothing industry. The conceptual pieces allow consumers to interact and form an awareness whilst shopping. 

Incorporating sustainable fabric such as Tencel, organic hemp, British linen and fairtrade certified cotton allows consumers to observe materials which are commercially desirable. Through touch interactions created with conductive ink the material comes to life, both audio and animation are released creating playful and memorable experiences. I believe generating an awareness will encourage more consideration towards what we’re consuming and question the importance of an ethical fashion industry”

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