Body Modification



With a mother in nursing, Eilidh Morrison’s graduate collection is heavily inspired by the medical industry, using transparent materials to reference x-rays and synthetics to mirror plastic surgery.

“I began exploring themes around body image but naturally gravitated towards the medical route. When creating my designs, I still wanted to be able to see the original body shape beneath the garment to illustrate the effects of surgery on the body. I looked at fabrics such as organdie, chiffon, tulle, and organza.

Inspired by the way the body folds and transforms itself through movement, I began altering my fabric using elastics and gathering. Whilst researching plastic surgery, I focused on relating post-surgery bandages to thick elastic straps wrapping around the body.

I started to collect more unconventional materials such as TPU, PVC and PUL. Transparency is an important element in this collection, as it exposes whatever is underneath, similar to an x-ray.

I experimented with using words and phrases that may harm a person’s body confidence by sewing them onto the TPU, so the harsh words would ultimately cover the entire body. Using a more handwritten style of sewing, I linked back to the old joke about doctors handwriting being illegible.

Whilst I was looking back at former nurses uniforms, I noticed they wore a lot of gathered fabrics around their arms to keep their sleeves dry and prevent infection. I took primary photographs from clinical and sterilised-looking equipment and parts of rooms. This included a lot of simplistic colours and metals”.

To see more of Eilidh’s work, check out her website or follow her @eilidhmariedesign.