Boundless Portraiture



Focusing on the parts of our faces we often ignore, Lucy Hendry’s work highlights the question of what portraiture is. Often relying on our frontal features to convey the sense of ‘person’, being able to observe our other physical attributes would allow us to discover and express ourselves better.

"With the use of repetition, I want to engulf the audience in an experience that forces the interest in others portraits beyond their direct face. Heavily inspired by Yayoi Kusama and her ‘obliteration’ process, my work is created from my own reaction to the forgotten aspects of our biological make-up. Fascinated by our lack of attention to our ears, I was driven to bring them to the forefront of conversations and encourage viewers to see beyond the norm in this subject. By producing in a minimalistic style, my work aims to dissect and simplify conversations to allow for an open-mindedness when examining portraiture. Although our faces are dominated by our eyes, nose and mouth, our ears are key in the completion of us”.

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