Comfort in the Grotesque

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A contemporary and multidisciplinary artist working predominately in sculpture, Rachel investigates the physical and psychological nature of uneasiness from the human body. 

"(A lot of) my work focuses on the body and the psyche of people's minds, centralising around our discomforts. I aim to challenge and defy society's treatment of the human form by creating unrecognisable biomorphic objects. My purpose through art is to provoke a reaction in the viewer, utilising the abject and grotesque to encourage discussion on these issues."



Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) has played a key part within Rachel's research, inspiring the majority of her work. Starting a six-month artist's residency at Chainworks Studio in September, she hopes to continue this theme by looking at more medical affiliations, such as cysts and their effects. 

Follow her on Instagram @rachelmccreadie_ or check out her website to find out more. 

Rachel uses a variety of familiar textures, forms and on occasion smells, to create both comfort and disillusion towards what we're seeing. 

"For me it was about exploring how people cringed over bodily fluids and repetition, or trypophobia. One of the best things about working from the human body is people can always relate and see different things in it, but most times, the end result is disgust.

I often think there's too much forgettable, pretty art in the world, so I aim to make something ugly for people to remember."