Confronting the Corporeal

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Interested in engaging thought and conversation about death in a culture which considers it distasteful and uncomfortable, Elsbeth Morrison’s Degree Show film, Confronting the Corporeal, was projected in a blackened, empty space on a large screen. The film follows a female character amidst scenes of blood-covered organs.

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“I think it’s really important to allow the impermanence of life and the body to empower us, rather than cripple us with fear. By arousing the unnerving tensions that underlie our confrontation with the visceral aspects of decay, my work encourages an exploration of our discomfort, fear and denial. This usually takes the form of short experimental films, contrasting ethereal black and white visuals with vivid, fleshy tones and rich, textured soundscapes”.

The work takes inspiration from classic and cult horror cinema, as well as artists like Joel-Peter Witkin and David Lynch who both draw on similar themes of the morbid, grotesque and the uncanny.

Catch snippets of the film via her vimeo page or follow her @elsbethmorrison.