Contemporary Femininity

Untitled IV, 2018.jpg


Originally from South East London, Molly Hankinson is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice addresses the notion of contemporary femininity within the everyday, exploring themes surrounding (self)representation, reclamation and celebration within the wider umbrella of womanhood. Working closely and privately with her subjects, this semi-collaborative approach guarantees agency and ensures that the representation present in the work remains accurate and consensual.

This collection of work is a response to an open call conducted in Glasgow, in an attempt to gain a wider understanding of contemporary femininity from an intersectional and inclusive perspective. The project focused on highlighting and championing each individual’s personal experiences, through informal interviews conducted in the subjects’ homes.

The work ranges from large scale mixed media and oil paintings, to digital prints executed using a combination of hand drawn techniques and digital software.

If you like Molly’s work, you can see her large-scale paintings on display in ‘The Cheesegrater’ building in London, visit her website, or follow her