Through investigations into the act of looking, as well as the ever shifting nature of our perceptions, Joanne Hall creates work that focuses on uncertainty, investigation, and the process of discovery. Exploring the interrelationship between Humanity and the Natural World, with a particular emphasis on geological phenomena and movements, her work investigates the relationships between materiality and force.

“Aluminium Lithography plates, sheets of paper, and casted resin forms are crumpled, bent, and folded, given new life through a different kind of interaction with the hand, allowing the material potential to emerge through an application of force. A back and forth between hand and material, creating a parallel with the movements of the earth below, the micro mimicking the macro, forming relationships and connections that extend through space.

This act is bound up in a constant back and forth shift between conscious and unconscious, knowledge and ignorance, the known and the unknown. It is in these in-between states that the emphasis of my work lies, where imagination and perception are enfolded into one another to create an ‘interrelational’ understanding of Nature as a meaningful whole”.

See more of Joanne’s work via her website joannehallart.co.uk or follow her @joannehall_art.