Galactic Curiosity




In her collection, Objects of Curiosity, Sandra explores the materiality of jewellery and challenges what we usually perceive as precious.

"Gold, silver and diamonds can be found everywhere in the universe, so I wanted to explore the materials that can only be made on Earth. I was looking for inspiration in places I know best: home. My dad has a huge collection of items from electronic devices and a lot of bits and pieces from various mechanisms. Gathering all the discarded plastics, tubes and engines and taking them through the process of cleaning, cutting, forming and cleaning again, I finished them with paint and silver or gold, bringing new life and meaning to these materials."


"The shapes are inspired by random processes and questioning 'what if...'. My work at that stage is very spontaneous and cannot be fully controlled and that's what I enjoy most.

The colours are inspired by pictures of nebulas and other deep space exploration. I think we're living in one of the most fun times in history, finally able to explore curiosity beyond our current understanding of life and sentiment that we as humans have: not to feel lonely in the universe." 


"My wearable art is big and bold, however, extremely light. As soon as the wearer picks up a piece, there's a moment of surprise, spurring questions like, 'what is it made of?!', 'how strong is it?' and 'how are they made?'. I hope that in creating this sense of curiosity, I also raise awareness about mundane objects being special and precious once more, with the understanding that they can be re-used again and again in new creative manners. I want these accessories to be adorned and worn by anyone, as my collection is created for all people, from many walks of life."

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"Having been based in Glasgow for my studies, I missed the sea the most- growing up by the shore had a huge impact on my work. The statement necklace is a journey from childhood memories to present day. It's fluid and light, whilst colour gradient gives the notion of blurry memories coming back, like the waves in the sea. 

I love the process of finding these components in the most unexpected places and adding sentimental value to them, as well as discovering their unpredictable nature."

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