Ghost Island



Reminiscent of children's books, Ghost Island is the not-so-fictional tale of our future. Distinct in its style and colouring, the series of illustrations follows the journey of the 'ghost bird' through a world of plastic. 

Both beautiful and eerie, the landscapes Sujin imagines highlight the duality of mankind's relationship with nature. The shapes, colours and textures formed by plastic waste were Sujin's main point of inspiration.

ghost bird_nest.jpg
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The need to illustrate the environmental crisis whilst still keeping a fictional narrative served as both challenge and strength in this work. Similarly, the characters, objects and landscapes we encounter are recognisable either through shape or branding, linking this story to real-world issues. 

ghost ee.jpg

"Mark Twain once said, 'truth is stranger than fiction'. The strangest truth for me is that just as humankind begins to uncover the natural world's most intriguing secrets, we threaten its very existence. The challenge for humans now is to find ways to live and survive in harmony with nature. Through this book, I wanted people to think about why the natural world is worthy, and why we need to consider the problem with plastics seriously".