Healing Spaces



Healing Spaces is an investigation into the highly constructed spaces of therapy and counselling; rooms that strive to be “unclinical” whilst providing a medical service. Using emotive images of the therapy and counselling spaces presented alongside clinical research, it also includes interview notes from practitioners and copies of articles which explain how the space should be set up; playing with the idea of the relaxed, but highly constructed, space in which this all takes place.

“With one in four of us suffering from mental health, this project could trigger many ideas, such as removing the stigma around private healthcare, making counselling and therapy more accessible, and perhaps refreshing the idea of what therapy is. The main interest for me was the investigative process, the creation of juxtaposition with the images, as well as sharing the information I had learned.

As I began to notice similarities in what I had read and seen in the spaces, I found, for example, that every room had at least one clock facing the therapist, and in one case three clocks in a 1.2mx1.2m space. I tried exploring ways I could put this information across to my viewer.

I decided to create floor plans and specifications of each room I had visited which also included a detailed list of every object within the space. I hoped that in measuring the rooms and creating lists would made the space seem simpler. With so much care and pressure put into these spaces, seeing them as numbers and objects could perhaps reduce their power, making them less intimidating”.

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