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Anne Jiang’s work explores the living state of human beings in relation to the natural environment they coexist with, highlighting how they influence and depend on each other.

“The environment is tinted with human thought, while humans gain the spirits of nature. They seem to strike a communication that can only be found between human beings. Specifically, the series I have been working on give interpretation to such a relationship in three parts”:

Read the Universe Through Portrait of Human

This part perceives humans as a group from the perspective of cosmology. It incorporates the traditional Chinese concept of “unity of men and universe”. The sensual feeling and observation of human beings resonate with the law of nature. (The resonance denotes that while human beings are observing the shift of seasons, the turn of the moon and sun and the flow of the milky way, they also gain inspiration from the developmental law of themselves as they reflect on themselves through comparison). The universe does not make an appearance in this part. Instead, it features human beings’ state of enlightenment achieved in observation through a depiction of human beings themselves.

Perceive Humanity Through Painting of Landscape

This part is created with landscape as the objection of creation. I do not place emphasis on the landscape. Instead, I divide natural scenes into elements such as wind, water, and fire. Inspired by concepts from The Book of Changes , I treat the varieties of elements forming a natural scene as the subject of expression and probe into the part that contains humanity within them. Just as in The Book of Changes, the combination of different elements and their mutual influence involve people’s understanding. They form a language similar to that of human beings, which enables them to communicate with the latter by using symbols.

Objects Delineated in Comparison with Human Ethics

Here I shift my focus parallel to the creatures that coexist in the same spatial dimension with human beings, such as the domestic cat. They are creatures living close to humans which have thoughts, feelings, language and various meanings given to them by us. I try to break the traditional perspective of human beings, and mix the feelings that humans have towards cats with those of cats towards humans, capturing the state where human beings and animals are inter-connected spiritually.

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