Identity and Place



Passionate about human psychology, forgotten places and people, Dovile Gusevaite’s work seeks to challenge viewers’ perspectives, encouraging them to think differently about human behaviour and how their physical surroundings might shape them.

In Search of Forgotten Identity and Place is a series of drawings-come-textiles depicting the forgotten people of the ex-USSR district Sanciai, Lithuania.

Through her sarcastic and caricature-like illustrations, Dovile portrays the impact negative social, political and economical factors had in shaping the lives of this community. Raw, dark, bizarre and bold, Dovile’s characters are hard to forget.

“Sanciai is unique because there’s a sense of evolution and cultural growth: the residents are essentially Europeans living within an ex-USSR district. I tried to challenge my own creative thinking through the use of district symbols whilst experimenting with mixed media textiles, creative pattern cutting, illustrations and sculpture”.

To see more of Dovile’s work head to her website or follow her @dovilegusevaiteart.