Indulge Your Taste for Fine Art



Indulge Your Taste in Fine Art is an installation which aims to investigate the exploitative nature of global corporations in the ‘collectible’ market. These companies, such as American brands The Franklin Mint and The Bradford Exchange, create products to be sold as “instant collectibles” (objects that are developed with the sole purpose of becoming collectible items). By preying on demographics who believe collecting’s sole principle is to make money, companies sell works with the promise that in time the money will be returned with an additional profit. The truth is this will rarely occur. By copying six examples of these ‘instant collectibles’ and casting them in plain white plaster, Day is stripping these once collectible products of any design which makes them appealing.


This idea is flipped when Elizabeth creates her own television advertisement and certificates of authenticity to accompany the products. The works are now, again, a part of a series of works. The advertisements themselves showcase all the traits of a cheap commercial, even featuring a toll free number visitors can call to hear a voicemail box narrated by the same American accent heard on the shorter of the two films.


Indulge your taste for fine art | Screen 1

Film 1 of 2, shown via VHS tape on large CRT monitors, the films evoke the feel of 1994, when ‘instant collectibles’ were at their height.


Indulge your taste for fine art | Screen 2

Film 2 of 2, this 10 minute film is designed to be looped, evoking the feel of early morning shopping channel TV, wherein the content seems to continue forever, eternally.


Make sure you head to Elizabeth’s website to see more of her amazing work, and follow her @elizabethannday.