It Lies There, Quite Close



“Our bodies are both constraints and homes; to nurture makes us vulnerable; the maternal swollen in violence.

My work is about coping with these conflicts. Through tactile, intimate objects and bodily manifestations, I find catharsis; both through the physical production and the interactions provoked within the audience. I am drawn to the meditative quality of immersive, automatic making processes (casting, drawing, painting). This physicality is a powerful response to anxiety and doubt; knotted shoulders, peach pits in palms and heartbeats embody anchors”. 


Eleanor Rodwell’s Degree Show piece, It Lies There, Quite Close, is an installation comprising drawings, casts and sound. Participants are invited to lie upon the bed structure, put a stethoscope to their chest and listen to their heart beating from an enclosed speaker. Small bronze and pewter casts can be held throughout the space, acting as tactile worry stones.

Pine, MDF, fabric, foam, carpet, pewter, bronze, wax, cartridge paper, charcoal, pastel, fine liner, ink, speaker, microphone, recorder are used. Often created blind, automatically or continuously, the drawings are the trace of an immersive state as well as pieces in their own right. The acorn and peach stone pieces are unique bronze or pewter casts of acorns deformed by wasp larvae. Each ‘oak gall’ or similar organic form is burnt away during the lost-wax process.

See more of Eleanor’s work via her website, or follow her @erodwellart.