Journey of Man




"Looking at modern man, I create playful and naive images depicting the passage from boy to man as well as the masculine stereotype, taking ideas from social media as well as my own personal experiences and observations.

My work takes after illuminated manuscripts and religious sources. By mimicking these styles and adapting them, I highlight the importance of the subject while keeping the images lighthearted in tone. Through this, I want both sexes to question what it is to be a man in these times".

Perhaps controversial at a time where females are pushing for equality, Daniel seeks to address inequalities from the male perspective, which he feels are left unchecked. 

3. judgement  -  daniel hart.jpg

In Final Judgement, for example, Daniel's piece depicts men being selected for heaven or hell (manhood or adolescence); falling through trapdoors to continue the hell of adolescence, or being lifted into the responsibilities of man. Unclear as to which way is better, some of the characters clearly prefer to stay in hell, not wanting to grow up.

14 Stations of Man, (above, slideshow) is an interpretation of the fourteen stations of the cross, depicting one boy’s journey to manhood. He starts as a young dog, innocent, struggling with his body, developing ahead of his mind. The butcher represents the role model– pushing him from boyhood to start his
transition. Following this is a series of ‘falls’, in direct reference to the original fourteen stations. In the end, the boy– now man– overcomes them and is raised to the realm of manhood and responsibility.

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Extremely recognisable in style, colours and materials, Daniel's simple and seemingly understated work seems to effortlessly convey deep messages about masculinity, with all its unique struggles and characteristics. 

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