Memory-Shaped Art

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Informed by a collection of memories from home, Katie explores how personal moments can be translated through the process of painting.

It begins with a chosen memory, developing shapes and forms from drawings. "My paintings reflect the sensations felt while unpacking the memory, through a specific texture, a precise colour or a particular noise. The drawings vary from memory to memory; sometimes they require a different type of mark or restraint for me to develop the outcome. Shape is an extremely important element in my work. I believe that developing specific shapes, relating to individual objects and spaces (which are often suppressed beneath layers in the painting) harmonises with the mysterious workings of our minds.

'Memories of pleasure, pain, sadness and joy, are the common thread that unites all human beings. Memories are our existence, and art is their system of replication'. (Farr 2012)"

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Now relocated in Edinburgh, Katie was awarded with a studio residency at Edinburgh Palette, where she will continue to develop her practice.

Katie's work will also be featured in group exhibition Spontaneous in Nolia’s Gallery in London, as well as RSA's New Graduate exhibition in Edinburgh.

Follow her or find out more about her work via her website.