Place of Man



Margaret Anderson’s work presents an impression of ‘being’ and ‘space’ as it relates to us and other animals through an interconnection of the physical worlds and time. “My paintings explore the links between philosopher Martin Heidegger’s concept of ‘Dasein’, ‘being there/there being’ which he used to describe our awareness and experience of ‘being there’ as uniquely peculiar to human beings, and the space and constant time that prevail across ‘worlds’. Michel Serres (2014) observed, ‘As there are millions of species on Earth they must live in as many different worlds. Feel millions of perceptions and see millions of drawings, colours, canvasses and paintings that are different from ours’.

Margaret seeks to highlight the sublime beauty of unsung heroes whose work goes largely unacknowledged, but whose absence would result in the demise of all of our worlds. “I raise the question as to whether separation and disengagement of humans from non-humans is widening as our technology takes us further from connection with our natural environment. By rearranging the established relationship and patterns of understanding and perception in my painting, I hoped to visually expose as flawed the belief that humans are above all other living things, and rather convey the assertion that we, as custodians, must seek ways to be present and connected with the world around us by breaking through the human-made barriers that often numb our consciousness”.

To see more of Margaret’s beautiful work, visit her website or follow her @margaret_anderson_artist.