Prison Reconstruction



Focusing on the prison environment and the lives of the captive community, Mhairi Stewart uses print to explore the relationship between the solid imposing construction of cell blocks and the fragility of life spent within, examining the distortion of reality and the destruction of the sense of self within the unforgiving setting. Mhairi has taken inspiration from the contrast between soul and cell to create a bold, graphic menswear collection.

“The research for my graduate collection was centred around prisons, specifically the contrast between the bold architecture of the buildings and the fragility of the lives spent within. I looked a lot at the distortion of time and reality suffered by prisoners to inspire my prints and the destruction and reconstruction of the sense of self.

The photoshoot was taken at the Peterhead Prison Museum near Aberdeen. “Stepping inside these historic buildings and imagining a life spent inside has inspired the bold lines and distorted patterns within my work. It was overwhelming to see my final collection amongst the details of the prisons that had inspired each garment”.

Photographer: Jake Watson (@photographyjw)
Models: Ola Akisanya + Craig Scott