Representation of Body



In his final Masters work, Gori Mora intertwines painting, social technology and sound as a way to highlight the human body; how it creates different roles and relationships within social and communication systems.

“I present a painting of my body in conversations as an extension of my body, it is a way of connecting art and public. The representation of the body is used as a new notion of eroticism through the virtual world and its classical representation as a painting.

Mobile applications such as Grindr, are a technology designed to create interpersonal relationships and also a free circulation of (erotic) images. The gaze is the main vehicle that guides us as consumers and contemporary producers.

A visual study of how the perception of reality in front of a representation of a body becomes indeterminate because of all the information we receive through media and context- this dictates the way in which we define ourselves. Body modification and cultural trends today go hand in hand. This information about bodies, through virtual space, influences us in a modifying and questionable way”.

See more behind Gori’s work via his website or follow him @gori.mora.