Sculptural Futurism



With an impressive background including working for Stella McCartney, Petra Design, Calik Denim and Burberry, it’s no wonder Rhys McKenna’s masters collection showcases skill, professionalism, and creativity.

“My investigatory approach has led me delve into the design of interaction, hacking and hybridisation of process and systems within fashion ideation and manufacturing. In my MFA I’ve had an exhilarating R&D experience. I’ve been a hologram designer, menswear sculptor, builder, podcaster and factory archivist, all of which hold tangible potency to incite innovative approaches to menswear”.


The physical exploration of the collection examines the power of sculptural, painterly working methods, inspired by Michelangelo and royal court painter Daniel Mytens. In the development of new garments, physical scaffolding sculptures are built and then refined through a continuous process of adding and subtracting elements in the critical stages. Shapes are influenced by sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi, terminology and construction patterns by the International Space Station and LEGO.


Envisioning how heritage manufacturers within Scotland may transform through technological lenses is a pillar of my practice. Through holographic visualisation and academic analysis, I have been able to build a stratagem around propulsion of histories into unfamiliar contexts and to new audiences. World building of how we understand the origin of materials has been vital to understand the network of fashion practice and its implications to economy and peoples. Re-imagining how we collect raw materials and rigorously test them led me to create speculative and critical design windows into invented worlds”.

The collection is also driven by the synthesis of innovative materials from sponsors such as Swarovski (UK), Woven in the Bone (Scottish Highlands), Johnstons of Elgin (Scottish Highlands), Lochcarron (Scotland), Rossini e Rossini (Italy) and Kova Textiles (New York).

To see more of Rhys’ work, visit or follow @rhysjpmckenna.