Standing Wave

Nina Stanger -Standing wave performance - 2018.jpg


Interested in contradictions and creating synchronicities within her work, Nina Stanger’s degree show piece Standing Wave was inspired by revisiting myths in which female entities were fused with beast.

“Using 3D visualisation and sculpture, I interpreted and reinvestigated the siren. In this process I wanted to make her into a symbol that questioned her own designated role. Feminine pathos and individuation are what I continue to explore through the agency of visual fantasy.

Standing Wave is a sympathetic light upon the beastly apparitions of femininity that have appeared throughout history in numerous cultures, from the siren to the sphynx. These symbols of aggressive and all-consuming female sexuality are symptomatic manifestations of fear directed towards the non-passive feminine. This work blends iconography and sculpture with digital methods of making to create a character that is both old and new in its embodiments. Transgressive qualities are equalled by dangerous potential in this exploration of she-beast”.

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Nina Stanger -Standing Wave - animation - 2018.gif