The Brexit Project

400x800 prod shot.jpg


The Brexit Project is a commentary on how social and political cohesiveness brings us together. The table, broken into several parts, is made of birch and marine ply with nine Jesmonite inserts inspired by European folklore patterns.

“Growing up as an immigrant in the UK, I always thought it was amazing how multicultural Britain is, and how the different cultures create the fabric of our communities. The result of the Brexit vote was therefore shocking and unexpected, and really challenged the way I felt about the UK, which has now been my home for over a decade. This in turn spurred the decision to focus on this event for my final project.

I’ve always enjoyed the more speculative side of design, so making a politically-focused design for my degree was quite fitting. One of my biggest inspirations was the Fake in Italy project by Paolo Cardini, who focused on the cultural identity of products. Cardini managed to create beautiful, yet very thought provoking pieces, which nicely balanced art and design.

The Brexit Project was made to have the same effect. The message behind it is one that I stand by, that together, we can create something which has meaning and can function together, yet when you start removing different parts, which make our communities, the whole thing loses its ability to function and essence, hence a non-functional dining table which needs the support of other elements to fully serve its purpose”.