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In 2015, Fabio started Untitled, a personal journey of discovery in the fields of art and design. Inspired by Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design, he embarked on a personal quest for beauty; searching clarity, function and sustainability. 

Untitled x Scotland is a one-off publication produced as part of Fabio's degree show work in 2018 for Untitled, featuring imagery from emerging photographers and designers, whilst exploring the role of design in Scotland, its roots, and the evolution of the practice in recent times.

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Often during degree shows, longer reads get lost amidst the plethora of stimulating visual content, yet Fabio's simple and beautifully styled publication is something we'd like to see more of. Call us biased, but archiving and outlining Scotland's design history becomes increasingly important, especially in light of recent socio-political events and movements. Delving into an interesting curation of images and facts demands time and space, which is why we left you with a taster of Untitled x Scotland's content above. 

You can follow Fabio @fmdesign_me, Untitled @unttld.co, or visit his website fmdesign.me