Vessels from Brodgar

Development 3.JPG


Inspired by Orkney’s rugged and moody landscape, Anna Younie’s innovative and captivating ceramic vessels have won her 2018’s BP Design Award as well as Craft Scotland’s Graduate Award- and for good reason. The products of her process and experimentation are pieces which beautifully represent her muse whilst showcasing a new method of handling clay.

“Being raised on Orkney, I never fully appreciated the wealth of inspiration that can be drawn from its landscape, and studying away from home made me realise how much I had taken this for granted. It then became a natural choice to focus my work on the rugged, textured detail around Orkney for my final year at Gray’s and hereafter.  

My work has developed from the eroded patterns that surround Orkney’s coastline. The forms remain simple as I have tried to mimic the eye-catching standing stone formations of Brodgar and Stenness. However, the surface of my work is heavily textured relating to the weathered cliffs protecting the islands from the elements. 

The pieces I make are hand built using black stoneware clay and China clay slip in order to create the detailed surfaces. I feel the process I use is true to the landscapes the work is inspired by- the same way no two areas of land erode over time mirrors how I cannot produce two pieces of work which are identical to one another.

I believe this refined method demonstrates the possibilities of the medium and the result is something which I am deeply proud of”.


Read more about Anna’s process through her mention in Craft Scotland, visit her website, or follow her @a.j.ceramics