Designed to refresh the writing experience, Vittae is a new type of fountain pen which allows users to write in two colours. The instrument allows you to seamlessly switch between them, allowing a flow of writing without interruption.

”As an Industrial Designer, I communicate via sketching and drawing. I was highlighting different information and was frustrated at having to put down a pen and pick up another constantly. I looked into multi-coloured pens and found them to be clunky in their operation. This would often mean adjusting your grip, selecting colour, refining grip and then going back to the task at hand. Every time I did this I was taken out of my state of flow. I then asked myself whether it was possible to engineer two pens into a single body.

The core of the problem was that the user needed to consciously activate another colour using a switch to alternate colours. The design brief from this point was how to create the transition without any kind of physical switch. The interaction had to come from the hand and be determined by the user and not by the tool. There have been over 40 prototypes to get to this design with constant refinement in each area to allow it to work as described. 3D printing has been heavily utilised as well as FEA and CFD processes to figure out the best approach. SLA and FDM printing methods have both been used before the final product could be made using CNC machining. Each stage of the design has been trialled in front of users. Initially I imagined this tool may be used for drawing but as conversations developed it became clear that there was as much a need for this in a writing capacity. Tests were done with teachers, copywriters, artists and engineers. Each of whom use colour in a different yet specific way”.

Kevin has entered Vittae to the Dyson Awards, has the product patent pending and will soon launch a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the project which will be based in Dundee and manufactured in the UK to ensure a high standard of quality.

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