Naturally drawn towards elements within wild lands, Tatjana Fraser looks beyond the ordinary gaze, “underneath the layers of the ground revealed, the roots of an under-turned tree, the shape of a lake, islands ranging in scale, conveying the reflections and shadows. Seeking out the shapes within our natural surroundings, where the organic elements meet that of humankind’s intervention.

Through the act of walking, drawing, painting and photography, I have begun to observe these spectacular elements more closely, as for when setting out on a journey of exploration, it is often uncanny what can be discovered within the vast lands of jagged peaks and hidden glens.

The process which I have been developing allows the exploration of discovery; it has been realised that within the means of research, I have uncovered the root to many of my current projects from the simple act of walking, and I have acknowledged that this plays an important part of where my work develops.

There is an evident intrigue towards the objects and found materials which are discarded from every day life. It’s the inescapable element of humankind’s intervention, even when venturing into a glen, mountain or beach, miles from any area of human habitat, you can find the most interesting objects and I have been developing projects which respond to their shape, tone and substance. This mere chance encounter will hopefully begin to play a larger part within my future work, allowing me to control less and respond more when painting; learning from the means of how I work with analogue photography, where I can create an illusion of space and scale”.

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