Colour in Motion




Amongst the endless hues of grey and neutral tones in today’s graphic presence, Sophie Crighton’s use and exploration of colour is a much needed contrast, reminding us of the riches of the chromatic experience. Inspired by the optical and kinetic art movement, her work, Colour in Motion, explores and analyses the connection between colour theory and cognitive perception through textile design.

‘My designs combine traditional weaving, screen and digital printing geometric forms onto fabric to create effects which range from the subtle to the disorientating. My focus lies specifically with understanding colour relationships and how each colour reacts to another, which is the fundamental element in this project. My aim was to create a collection of woven fabrics which induce a direct chromatic experience and leave the audience disorientated.’


‘Optical illusions occur by deceiving our eyes to appear to be something other than is. Using colour, light and pattern, they create images which can be deceptive or misleading to our brains.

Colour perception is visual information, providing specific details regarding objects or an idea that the object is associated with. Colour adds characteristics to the world around us and perception of the external world can affect thought processes. This project allowed me to challenge my own creative process. My initial artwork was created using CAD programmes which allowed for extensive experimentation, with colour combinations and size.

Colour has an intrinsic value in my work which consists of multiple sets of coloured stripes of equal width offset at different angles. The purpose of this was to explore how our perception of colour can be altered when surrounded by different colours. Each piece of this collection was displayed at different depths and heights interlaced with sheets of neon perspex in order to alter the colours within the fabric. My aim for this exhibition was to invite interaction, to engage the viewer and ultimately, to create a shifting chromatic space.’


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