Nostalgia, Printed



Drawn to the work of Eyvind Earle, Charley Harper and Eric Carle, Adam Johannesson refined his nostalgic aesthetic in his delightful illustrations, using print as a medium to bring them to life. ‘Simple shapes alongside playing with proportion, scale, colour and texture is the foundation of the majority of my work. I appreciate simple design and means of communication, with no need to over-complicate things. 


I developed this approach to my work by designing and using simple visual language. In my cookbook Bon Appétit, I focused on a clean layout and created minimalist food illustrations, rather than pressure myself to replicate dishes perfectly. I was able to create a unique style which simplified the food down to more basic shapes. In my Faroe Islands project, I created an illustrated tourist guide which also simplified the dramatic landscapes of the islands. I focused on dramatic proportions and embraced colour to create a series of illustrations which reflected Faroe in an accurate way, but also in a style unique to my own tastes as a designer.


I enjoy experimenting with a wide range of processes. In these projects I worked with media ranging from watercolour to digital illustration. I have a lot of interest in design for print and am always considerate of how the finished output will look when produced- this comes down to my choice of paper stock, how my work looks produced and how people can interact with it’.


Adam’s projects have been purchased by the Robert Gordon University Heritage Collections and have also won the FortyTwo Studio Emerging Talent Award. You can get in touch with him via Instagram, or visit his Behance portfolio here to see the full extent of his work.