Freya Aitken-Scott’s graduate menswear collection focusses on Leith, an eclectic socio-economic port area in Edinburgh, drawing inspiration from its people and multi-cultural environment. 

‘Having lived in the area my whole life, I wanted to capture the variety of characters who make Leith such an interesting and diverse place to be. Using photography, I attempted to depict the fascinating and somewhat quirky individuals amongst whom I have grown up with, and who remain an integral part of the community, translating the looks identified from my research into collage. This enabled me to mix contemporary styles with some of the traditional and historical aspects of Leith, whilst subtly hinting towards the variety of cultures found around this area.

I found that working with collage both digitally and on paper resulted in directing my research images towards a fashion-based context. Taking forward the mix of people and cultures, I’ve been able to piece together the variety of looks captured in my research, allowing me to mix and match outfits and garments, which has helped to inform my silhouette and material choices. 


Taking the more “successful” aspects of the collage, I began to sketch how they might work as a garment, as the collages were often open to interpretation. Using this method helped me establish the silhouette early on, quickly visualising as I progressed. 


Looking at designers such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Balenciaga and styling profiles on social media platforms were useful in exploring how my theme could be factored into a contemporary/streetwear aesthetic. Their work gave me ideas on how garments could be re-considered or worn, how pops of colour or pattern could appear and overall, how to create a sense of uniformity when it comes to designing a collection’. 


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