Canary Wharf Group plans next resi skyscraper

Canary Wharf Group has revealed plans for its next major residental tower at the western end of the Docklands Estate.

The Park Place build to rent tower has been designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and will rise to 55 storeys, just a few floors lower than the neighbouring Newfoundland residential building at 58 storeys.

Place Place build to rent tower will be built next to Westferry Circus

The slender high-rise will rise from a four-floor mixed-use pavilion containing shops, restaurants and workspace next to a new waterside public square. 

The site is currently vacant but was previously occupied by a 1980s building, which was the former HQ of Littlejohn Frazer demolished some time ago.

The Park Place site has been the subject of a number of previous planning consents all office-led schemes.

The latest plan is for 624 homes specifically built for rent only and would include both market rent and affordable homes.

The new residential tower will extend the retail and restaurant trade through the weekend at the Western end of Canary Wharf

Subject to receiving planning permission, it would be the intention to start enabling works on site in 2023.

Building fit-out is planned for 2025 with the building, which is to be built by Canary Wharf Contractors, handed over in 2028.

The new homes would be managed through Vertus, Canary Wharf Group’s specialist rental organisation


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Firms called to register for £3.5bn Kent theme park

The London Resort has opened pre-procurement registration of firms interested in helping to deliver its planned 500-acre theme park on the Swanscombe peninsular in Kent.

Billed as one of the most ambitious theme park projects ever in Europe, the London Resort will be the first European development of its kind to be built from scratch since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992.

The ambitious project, which would cover the area of 136 Wembley stadiums, is being delivered by London Resort Company Holdings, which is owned by the Kuwaiti European Holding Company Group.

With over £1bn due to be invested in the scheme, it has been designated as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and was accepted for examination by the inspectorate at the start of this year.

Since then London Resort has requested an extension to submit revised proposals following Natural England’s decision to apply to designate 250ha of the Swanscombe Peninsula as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Provided its Development Consent Order application is granted, London Resort said works could start in 2022, with a view to the London Resort opening in 2024.

Click here for supplier registration.

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Rail website launch to improve infrastructure delivery

The Better Value Rail Toolkit has been launched to bring together the best ideas for rail schemes and make the delivery of transport infrastructure projects faster and cheaper.

The website can be used by those sponsoring rail schemes and their advisors to help make the right decisions early on in rail projects.

The brainchild of the Department for Transport, Network Rail and Office of Rail and Road is designed to help deliver infrastrucrure more quickly, save money and make sure that rail is the best fit for any given project.

Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said: “This is a brilliant new website that brings together the best thinking and ideas from across the rail industry and allows everyone to access it.

“We have created a toolkit for early-stage thinking that will make the delivery of transport infrastructure projects faster and cheaper as we build back better on our railways.”

Network Rail’s chief executive Andrew Haines said: “The Better Value Rail toolkit has been developed based on listening extensively to stakeholders about how we can provide clear advice and support, be easier to do business with and help ensure focus on schemes that have a good chance of being delivered.

“That’s why we believe the toolkit will help us turn good ideas into great schemes, delivering for passengers, local communities and the taxpayer.”

John Larkinson, chief executive at ORR, said: “We have to make sure that money available to develop new rail schemes is used wisely. I’m pleased that the rail industry has worked closely together here, and as a joint team, to help people develop projects.

“The toolkit is a one-stop shop to help make better decisions earlier and identify the right solutions to drive better value by saving time and money.”

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Construction Career Paths

Construction involves much more than what you could see on a construction job site. A construction career is much more than being a construction worker or a handyman. With the proper qualifications under your belt, there are many job opportunities in a wide range of supervisory, hands-on, or even managerial roles. Many construction careers require many years of schooling and training to qualify for. But regardless of your previous experience, a career in construction is one that is worth taking a look at.


Career options for individuals with no prior experience in the construction field are quite varied. High school graduates and individuals with GEDs seeking a position in the building industry can take advantage of available jobs in the construction industry. With a high school diploma or GED, there are construction jobs available for individuals with a high school diploma. Construction careers require skilled workers with a wide variety of abilities. It is important to have a broad range of skills to succeed in any career, but this is especially important when considering construction jobs.

Careers in construction offer very well earning potential for college students interested in pursuing a career path in the construction industry. There are also career paths available for those who have completed college and are looking to advance their education. College graduates may enter the construction job market as entry-level workers. These workers typically are required to start at the bottom of the ladder and work their way up, working their way up until a job is available at the top of the ladder.

Those who have completed college and are interested in advanced positions within the construction industry often turn to project management. Project management is a key skill in all construction jobs because government standards define project management as the supervision of a project from its inception to completion. Project management is an important skill because it involves the supervision of projects from conception to completion. Without project management, many construction jobs would not be complete. However, those who have completed a four-year degree in the field often find that a career in project management is one of the most satisfying and lucrative fields of construction jobs available.

Another skill needed in the construction industry is electrical and mechanical engineering. As construction jobs progress, more complex equipment needs to be used in the construction process. Electrical and mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining these machines so that construction projects can proceed as smoothly as possible. With an engineering degree, you may even be able to move into different types of administration.

Those who want to work in different types of industries are also interested in the construction project managers of today. The construction project managers of days past rarely had degrees in any field other than construction. However, because the technology involved in today’s construction projects is so vastly different from what was used in years past, there has been a need to develop specialized construction career paths. There are currently career paths available that allow those without a science degree in science, mathematics, or computer science to enter into the construction industry. These careers require a combination of math, science, computer skills, and interpersonal skills.

One of the easiest career paths to follow is the construction project manager with business management and building estimating skills. A construction project manager is responsible for ensuring that all necessary materials, tools, materials, and equipment are available on-site for work. He is also in charge of making sure that the job is being done promptly. To work as a project manager, a person must have an advanced degree in business or a related field. Some of the typical degrees obtained in this career path include a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Information Systems, and an MBA.

One of the most popular careers in the construction field involves being a civil engineer. Civil engineers are responsible for analyzing large-scale construction projects. They are responsible for determining the safety and efficiency of the project by evaluating the impact of various changes on the surrounding environment. Most of these civil engineers normally hold a master’s degree in civil engineering. Some of the typical degrees obtained in this career path include a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.