Plans in for major overhaul of Surrey pharma campus

Global pharma company UCB is planning a major overhaul of a newly-acquired science campus in Windlesham, Surrey.

The revamp project will include a striking new three-storey timber building at its heart designed by architect Thomas Heatherwick.

The big job forms part of UCB’s plan to investing more than £1bn over five years to expand its research and development capabilities in the UK.

UCB bought the 19-hectare site in Windlesham from Eli Lilly and Company last year with plans to create a major new R&D hub supporting cutting-edge research and development, early manufacturing and commercialisation of medicines.

The scheme includes refurbishment and alterations to the Manor House at the site, internal refurbishment of  existing R&D buildings and the demolition of one wing and courtyard of the R&D building.

Existing former Eli Lilly campus in Windlesham and overhauled HQ campus for UCB

The central new 30,000 sq ft glulam collaboration hub is sunken one floor into the landscape to allow it to connect to the adjacent Chemistry East building at lower ground level.

Interior of central collaboration hub