Asbestos can now be vacuumed away

A new asbestos vacuum cleaner launched by Vac UK promises a step change for the disposal of asbestos-contaminated materials.

The Longo Cyclone vacuum cleaner has been revealed by Vac UK and represents an exciting new development in the management of potentially deadly asbestos fibres. If offers both improved protection for operators and a big increase in the volume of material that can be handled.

The Cyclone fits directly to a vacuum excavator to enable the safe extraction of contaminated materials into sealed “big bags”. Exhaust air is filtered and safely discharged to the atmosphere. This allows the hazardous material to be safely handled and transported away from site. The system also offers the potential to be operated by remote control.

Patrick Curran, Vac UK Director said: “No one is under any illusions that asbestos is nasty stuff and the precautions and protections employed to handle it are entirely appropriate.

“Against that background, the Cyclone is a real gamechanger – it has the potential to raise the level of protection provided to asbestos teams and to speed up the material’s management.

“We are very excited about this development. It continues our philosophy of exploring new applications for vacuum excavation and introduces another innovative machine to the UK – hard on the heels of our public unveiling of the latest Longo Rhino vac ex earlier this month.

“It also builds on our ambition to make available for hire and sale only the most high tech and best quality vacuum excavators and related equipment.”

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